Monday, June 11, 2012

A Handy Little Foot

So, being new at quilting I obviously still have a lot to learn and perfect. One of those things, which happens to be extremely critical, is sewing a straight and even 1/4" seam. Ugh. After sewing block 1 of the quilt along less than stellarly (is that even a word?), I came upon this.

This handy little foot ensures a nearly fool-proof method to sewing that 1/4" seam. I decided to go ahead and order it since the $9 it was going to cost me probably outweighed the aggravation of pulling out seams because they were no good. As soon as a got it in today I had to try it out... and let me tell you, it's like magic. Take a look at the difference between my new block 1, and the one from my last post. All my points match up, all of the squares are straight, and remarkably, my block is actually the correct size. I didn't even have to trim it! I think I'm in love...
While I was shopping at Amazon I also picked up two other feet. One is a tape binding foot and the other is an edge joining foot aka a stitch-in-the-ditch foot. I'm excited to try them both out and will report back once I do.

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