Its All About Me

That's my bathrobe, and that picture was taken on my wedding day. I was serious when I said it was all about me...

My name is Jaime. I am a  twenty-something stay-at-home-mom of two beautiful daughters, Diva and Little Loo. It's all about them too...

I enjoying making things with my hands and I just can't seem to live my life without some creative tendency trying to force it's way out of me. I bake and decorate cakes, and I quilt. I dance when no one is watching, and I also dance when all eyes are on me. I live, I love, and I laugh.

I've also had the pleasure of growing up with a mom who, at least in my eyes, could do everything-- a Jackie of all trades, if you will. She has been both a hairdresser and a florist, professionally. She decorated my birthday cakes as a child, and has a flare for throwing perfectly put-together parties. She's even made a Halloween costume or two for me... and all my life I've wanted to be just like her.

Before I had my daughter, Diva, I was an avid dancer. It was, and still is, my passion. But I no longer seem to have the time, means, or muscle tone to follow that dream, and have since been on a quest to find a new passion-- or at least something to help release the bubbling cauldron of creativity inside of me. And I want to be to my daughters, what my mother is to me.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Be inspired. Try something new... what have you got to lose!