Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So, I guess it would be best to introduce myself. My name is Jaime and I'm a twenty-something stay-at-home mom. I enjoying making things with my hands and I just can't seem to live my life without some creative tendency trying to force it's way out of me.

I've also had the pleasure of growing up with a mom who, at least in my eyes, could do everything-- a Jackie of all trades, if you will. She has been both a hairdresser and a florist, professionally. She decorated my birthday cakes as a child, and has a flare for throwing perfectly put-together parties. She's even made a Halloween costume or two for me... and all my life I've wanted to be just like her.

Before I had my daughter, Diva, I was an avid dancer. It was, and still is, my passion. But I no longer seem to have the time, means, or muscle tone to follow that dream, and have since been on a quest to find a new passion-- or at least something to help release the bubbling cauldron of creativity inside of me. And I want to be to my daughter, what my mother is to me.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Be inspired. Try something new... what have you got to lose!

As a side note, I have pre-dated some blog entries to account for projects I have done prior to starting this blog. Feel free to check them out too.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Changing Pads

 So, can I just tell you that i Love, LOve, LOVE this tutorial by Jill of Homemade by Jill. I've made two already, and know I'm going to make a bunch more. They are perfect for new moms and baby showers... and I'm thinking about making one in smaller scale for my daughter to change her baby dolls on too! The tutorial is so easy to follow, even for a novice sewer like myself. And they come out just so darn cute!

The one thing that I really love about these is that the inside calls for a laminated fabric. I took it one step further and purchased that sparkley vinyl fabric that you might use to upholster a 50's style bar stool. It wipes down so nicely which is perfect for those special occasions when things get a little out of hand. The fabric is a little expensive, but well worth it.