Thursday, March 21, 2013

A much needed break from quilting

I've been trying to find a dress for Little Loo that will coordinate with Diva's dress for their cousin's First Communion in May but to no avail. Then a couple of days ago I was at the mall with the girls when I thought I spotted one! ... But alas, it was too big for Loo. Diva looked up at my disappointed face and told me "you'll just have to make one, Mommy." Not what I had wanted to hear.

I had already been toying with the idea after seeing so fabric that would coordinate well, but I don't really do clothes. Nevertheless I picked up a pattern on the off chance I went for it, since it was on sale for just a buck. Well, I went for it, and I have to say I am rather pleased. I'm still not sure I will use it for the First Communion... it has to pass my mother's test first (not that she is a sewer, but rather a shopper extraordinaire); it has to look as good as something that was bought in the store. It's definitely not perfect, and there are some sizing issues (although Loo might just grow into it perfectly by the time May rolls around, but I think it might pass the test. Loo seems happy with it at least!
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  1. I think it looks great. Loo lokes like she likes it.

  2. I think it is gorgeous. And remind your mom unless she is planning on takeing her shopping and funding the entire expedition then you can dress your children as you afford and / or want to do so. You are the mom you make the rules.. Sometimes family can be snooty...Sorry I didn't mean that to sound so snooty. But I have a mother in law like that and when I finally had enough I told her and after that she kept her mouth closed. Thank gooddness cause it caused much undue stress to us over the years. And hubby was allways too afraid to speak up to her. But sometimes enough is enough. Especially when we had one special needs child and one little princess whom supposedly was to be dressed the role at all times. Which was kinda hard to do on my husbands enlisted millitary pay. Was why I started sewing for my daughter and learned how to smock so when those princess occasions arose she was dressed accordingly. Then my mother in law started bragging on my sewing and had the gall to pur in request for herself. Family gotta (hate) hmmm.... I mean gotta love em.

    1. LOL. I feel like I should clarify. :) My mom and I get along GREAT, and to be fair, she buys my kids at least 75% of their clothes! (I really am pretty lucky.) But I hear where you are coming from. Sometimes grandmothers forget that they already had their turn to be the mom of little ones and now it's our turn. And you're right... there's a fine line between love and hate. Lol


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