Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My new machine is a fabric snob.

Dear Nomee-
I fully realize that you are a sophisticated, high quality machine who deserves to be treated with the utmost respect, however your lack of consideration towards my feelings hurts me. It is not often, right now, that we get to spend time together, what with my caring for two very small children and all. But I make the time for you. All I ask is for the same kindness in return. I realize that the fabric I selected for the background is not of the finest quality, however I hardly feel that it is necessary for you to chew at my fabric selection for the Skill Builder BOM. Please understand that I purchased 5 yards of this material and that, like it or not, you will be sewing it together for me in every block. I would like this to be an enjoyable process, as the Skill Builder takes us through most of 2013, and it is still only January. Please be advised that if you continue to eat my fabric, I may have to put you into retirement for a while and show some love to Brother XR.



  1. LOL! Been there!

    I found that using a thread catcher worked fairly well to reduce the incidents.

  2. My sewing machine behaves very similarly, not only with some kinds of fabric but also with some kinds of thread! Perhaps Nomee isn't feeling well in some aspect of her "body" and needs some kind of adjustment? I hope you two can work out the problems, or at least come to some kind of agreement. Good luck!


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