Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Living Wake

This past weekend, my brother, father, and I threw a surprise party for my mom. Today she turns 65, and to commemorate this auspicious occasion, we thought it only fitting to give her something that she has always wanted... a front row seat at her own wake.

Now, I grant that some of you may be highly turned off by this whole idea... Lord knows most people at the party were when they received the invitation. But I assure you, the evening was hilarious and all done in good taste, even if it did have a rocky start what with my mother refusing to get out of the car... and she didn't even know what was in store for her yet!

Picture this... 70 of your closest family and friends are sitting in rows staring at a podium, a portrait frame (with you sitting in an over-sized arm chair staring back at them from the other side... of the frame, not the grave. Honestly, people!), and a gospel choir of blowup dolls... yes, I said blow up dolls (Don't worry, they were fully dressed in their choir robes).

After the laughter has subsided, your son-- dressed, naturally, as a priest-- begins the ceremony. First a reading from Marie's cookbook by your daughter-in-law, next a responsorial hymn by your son-in-law and the congregation, and then a reading from the book of Marie's favorite child (that would be me of course). Follow it up with a quick poem from your grand kids, and the homily by your son. Throw in a bunch of Amen's and Hallelujah's and you get the idea of what I'm talking about!

After the ceremony, we partied. It was great. For those of you who saw the shoes for my mom's cake, and are waiting for the whole shebang, here it is.

Edited: Ironically this was just posted on Facebook... I think it says it all.


  1. Uhh.. never heard of that one, it sounds like it was fun, the cake is great.

  2. Doesn't bother me in the least it sounds hilarious. I think your family must all have a great sense of humor.


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