Monday, January 14, 2013

Leopard Print Fondant Tutorial

So I've been working on some shoes for a cake that I will be making at the end of the month, and I decided that I would do up a quick little tutorial for how I make leopard print fondant. Let me preface this by saying that I had always thought this idea would work, but I was so relieved that it worked once I tried it. My only word of advice should you try to use this technique, however, is that you only have one shot to make it work so it had better be right the first time!'ll understand why once you see the process.

I started with a box of Wilton's Natural Colors Fondant, multi pack. Since I was only using this for accent pieces I didn't need a whole lot. The multi pack comes with four colors-- light brown, dark brown, natural pink, and black. To do this effect you will need mostly light brown with a tinge of the dark brown and black.

The first thing I did was mix a small amount of the dark brown with a small amount of the light brown, maybe half and half, to achieve a medium brown color. Set that aside.

Next roll out your light brown, almost all the way, leaving it a bit thicker than you actually want. Once your base is rolled out, take your medium brown and put tiny dots randomly onto the light brown fondant. Press them on lightly so that they stay put, but don't squash them in. Next roll tiny bits of the black and place them over the dark brown dots, making sure to curve them around the outside edge of the dot. Make sure you do these steps quickly, because you don't want the fondant to dry out too much; if it does, it'll be a big cracking mess.

Once all of your dots are laid out and the black strips are applied, go ahead and take your rolling pin and roll the fondant out some more to the desired thickness. Don't worry about only rolling in one direction. When you roll in multiple directions, it stretches the fondant out and gives the spots a nice natural look.

Here's my finished leopard print shoe.


  1. oh what a cool shoe!! I want to see the whole cake! and why a shoe?? there gotta be a story behind it

  2. This is such a cool idea! Can't wait to see the finished cake :)


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