Monday, November 12, 2012

The latest epic fail... oh and hi, nice to meet you.

I have no idea if this will be included in the Let's Get Acquainted blog hop, but if it is thank you for stopping by and please excuse this post.

For those who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jaime. I'm a happily married (barely) twenty-something with two adorable girls, Diva and Little Loo. I live in Jersey which is why this post is an epic fail. Let me explain.

For my Let's Get Acquainted debut I was planning on doing a big reveal, complete with before and after photos, of my sewing space. Unfortunately some things went wrong.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I got a Babylock Tiara. I was so excited when I got her home, and I unpacked her that very night. Unfortunately, once I got her all up and going, I learned that the stitch regulator that I bought along with it wasn't working properly. After several phone calls and a shipment of a new stitch regulator, things still were not working. We're thinking the machine is shorting them out... ugh. So it was determined that I needed to bring the whole machine, plus the two stitch regulators back to the shop-- which is over an hour away. Oh, and did I tell you the lady wanted me to bring it in on Thursday Nov. 1st? Well, I was smart enough, seeing as Sandy was headed our way at the time, to push off the appointment until the following Tuesday, November 6th. But Sandy was far worse than I ever could have imagined. Although the store had never lost power, we had only just gotten ours back. And between the road conditions and gas rationing there was just no way I could justify the trip.

So no big reveal. Sorry. Instead I'll just show you some my favorite projects, in no particular order. Click on the caption for the related blog post.

This was one of my first cakes. I'm also self taught in this hobby. I don't have a post for this cake but I made it for my cousin's 18th birthday almost 4 years ago. This is when I surprised everyone with my mad skills. Now they aren't surprised when I do anything creative anymore...

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Edited 11/13/12: I seem to get a lot of comments about Diva's peacock costume, so I went ahead and posted the adult version here. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Jaime, I too live in New Jersey on the Hudson River. We have plenty damage around us but nothing to compare to the Jersey Shore. My life on the 23rd floor was hardly affected, save not having an elevator for 2 days and it's harder to get into Manhattan daily now until the PATH subway system is up and running again, but I am incredibly aware of just how lucky we've been compared to others.

    Back to your blog - you've made some pretty great stuff and I'm just in love with your daughter in her Halloween Peacock Dress. Hope you get your machine troubles sorted soon and good to meet you on the Blog Hop :)

  2. i, of course, love all the stuff that you make! you keep me motivated to keep myself crafting.

  3. Nice to meet you Jaime! YOu have made a lot of great stuff. Your daughter's costume is amazing! Wow!

  4. Hope your life is getting back on track after Sandy. Love your little girls outfit. Beautiful.

  5. Nice meeting you! That dress is gorgeous, the peacock feathers!

  6. Nice to meet you. I totally want to be a peacock for Halloween next year now. Glad you are safe, machine problems aside.

  7. Best laid plans - right? It was fun seeing all your wonderful projects and learning more about you!

  8. Jaime, nice to meet you on the blog hop. I hope Sandy becomes a distant memory soon. My daughter lives in Manhattan and went to Rockaway over the weekend to help with clean up - what devastation. But on a lighter note... Looking forward to seeing your sewing space and projects on your blog!

  9. Nice to meet you and so happy you and your family are safe after the hurricane! The peacock is just too precious for words - you are very talented and I am looking forward to seeing great things from your Tiara. I am a Baby Lock girl too :)

  10. We have a saying in Sweden that translated would be something like "Who awaits something good never awaits too long." Meaning its no problem that things gets delayed sometimes. So I'm looking forward to the post about your sewing space. You have made some really nice things and that cake looks delicious. I wish I could make stuff like that. Thanks for sharing on the blog hop. ;)

  11. Not having something to blog is very minor to what could have happened and did to so many. Nice to meet you the peacock dress is awesome. The sculpted baby and cake are too! You've got real talent!

  12. So nice to meet you Jaime! Sorry about your luck with the new Baby Lock and of course Sandy, but glad to know you are safe. The peacock costume is out of this world GORGEOUS!!! Fantastic job. Can't wait for your big reveal once you are able to get the machine up and running again.

  13. Sometimes life just happens, don't feel bad. LOVE all your makes but especially the peacock costume.


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