Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Matching Feathered Friend

It seems that Diva's peacock costume is always the show stopper on this blog. I have to be honest it's one of my favorites too. The year I made that costume, in the >hours< before Halloween, I decided to make myself an adult version for a party that we decided to go to last minute. Since so many people seem love Diva's I thought I would share the grown-up version as well. It's not nearly as adorable, but it does the job and was super easy to make! Please note the feather eyelashes... they were my favorite part!

For the top, I bought a corset. I made the skirt with scraps of fabric leftover from Diva's costume, and a black tutu I found, and the tail was done using leftover feathers and a fan, in the same way that I made Diva's.
From the front.

From the back.

For the peacock feather tail:
I bought a fan from the dollar store (you know those feather fans you use for a flapper costume) and hot glue gunned the peacock feathers onto it layer by layer. It was super easy, and kept the feathers perfectly fanned out. Then I just laced the fan into my corset and used a safety pin on each side (hidden of course) to keep it upright. A store bought peacock headband finished the look.

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