Friday, November 5, 2010

Peacock on Parade

 So, the whole purpose of me buying a sewing machine and learning to sew in the first place was to be able to make my daughter's Halloween costume. The experience was... interesting... and not having any patterns or templates to go by I just had to wing it (no pun intended).

So for my Diva's 2nd Halloween, and my first unsupervised "clothing" sewing project, I decided to make a peacock costume. The costume was 25% store bought, 25% hot glue gunned, and about 50% sewn. Not too bad considering I had no idea what I was doing,, or how hard it might be. This project was all about short cuts... whatever it took to create the desired effect!

I started off with a store made leotard. Because my daughter is so small, and because she is still in diapers, I needed to make a few adjustments. I shortened the sleeves, and added snaps to the crotch for easy access.
For the skirt, I cut a "circle" skirt from some satin fabric, though it was more oblong, to create a short in front yet long in back look. I lined it with a cotton fabric of the same color and sewed in some elastic to give it a stretchy waist. Then, using a store bought boa from the dollar store, I edged the entire hem. The underskirt consisted of tulle of various peacocky colors that was tied to another piece of elastic to fit her waist.

The tail, which is my favorite part, was by far the easiest to make. I bought a fan from the dollar store and hot glue gunned the peacock feathers onto it. It was super easy, and kept the feathers perfectly fanned out. Then I just pinned the handle of the fan to the skirt and added a bow to cover up the pin. A store bought headband finished the look. Viola! My first unsupervised sewing project. Not too shabby.


  1. Oh my goodness! That is absolutely precious!!!! I think you did a fantastic job.

  2. Wow!! This is incrediable! Just awesome!

  3. I have to say wow this is an amazing costume I am entering your contest today and this is the post I looked at. I am a new follower and enjoy your blog will come back and read more as time goes on. Hope you visit my site also.

  4. Hi! I found the picture of this costume you did on Pinterest. Am I getting this found the peacock feathers at the Dollar Store??? I am going crazy trying to find them. Please help!!!


  5. I just found these photos on pinterest and it is GORGEOUS!!! Love it and love the idea! You did a great job, Mom! :)

  6. where did you find the store bought headband?


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