Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Halloween!!! (pic heavy)

I know, I know... it's November 17th. But today we finally celebrated Halloween. Diva never seemed to let go of the holiday. She kept talking about the parade and trick or treating... so I (very last minute) threw together a Halloween party with just a couple of kids. The good news was that Diva FINALLY wore her Rapunzel costume and I was able to get some photos of her and Little Loo! And  as a bonus I got Halloween decorations and treats for 75% off!!!

As per Diva's demands our party had to include Halloween music, trick-or-treating, fun food, and a parade.

The menu consisted of the following: pumpkin vomit (otherwise known as guacamole) and chips, Dead Man's ribs and intestines (BBQ ribs and little hot dogs), bones and blood (breadsticks and marinara sauce), Spider Cider (apple juice), and for dessert Ogre toes(sugar cookies).

The kids even got to go trick or treating. Two adults stayed out with the kids while the rest of us hid behind the doors waiting to distribute the loot. First I decked them out with glow stick wands and axes (that I picked up on sale for 25 cents each!) and sent them upstairs. The lights were off and all the doors were shut so it was just dark enough for the glow sticks to set the mood. The kids came upstairs, knocked on each of the bedroom doors and the hall bathroom door and shouted trick or treat to us as we plunked candy and goodies in their bags. They had such a great time!

Here are some photos from the big party.

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  1. Halloween is so important at that age, glad she got to enjoy a safe one.


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