Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April's To Do List

March is over and I am so proud that I finished up the auction quilt on time and completed a few other special, if unplanned, projects too!
My top priority for April (and the one for A Lovely Year of Finishes) is a baby quilt for my friend and former roommate who is pregnant with her first. The baby shower is May 5, so obviously I have a hard and fast deadline for that. I picked up some charm packs and plan to use those to put it together. It will be the first time using charm packs, so wish me luck!

I have some extra custom fabric left over from the auction quilt so I want to make a pillow for the woman who designed the artwork, so I'll add that to the list too.

I also need to work on my Hands2Help quilt. I'd like to try to put together the quilt-top at the very least this month. That shouldn't be hard to do since the blocks are all completed... I think.

The next thing I want to accomplish is cleaning up the sewing/guest room. It's a nightmare. My initial plan was to get it all pristine at the start of last month, but with the auction quilt looming I figured it was pointless since I was just going to mess it up again... But it is time.

This may not seem like too bad of a list, but I am also working feverishly on Diva's birthday party too. I have lots of things planned and I can't wait to show you what is in store for that. I started work on some of the pieces for her cake today (finally!) and I have been collecting props and menu planning too. I'm about to burst open at the seams but I'll try to contain it!

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  1. I so understand about cleaning the sewing room, I mean really if it's just going to get all messy again, why bother :) Sounds like Diva's birthday will be a blast. and thanks for the links to the charm tutorials that you found.


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