Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I must be crazy.

I can't believe how much the start of school has messed me up. It's the very first year, not to mention there's a new baby in town, and clearly I have a lot of adjusting to do. I have grossly underestimated the amount of quilting I hoped to get done. Well, that and the rush to start and finish the Cat in the Hat quilt (all in just 2 weeks) left me a bit exhausted by the process.

Anyway, before I give you a quick update on what will be coming up, I have to post a picture of me meeting Dave Mathews this weekend. Sorry. I know it is totally unrelated, but it was a major highlight of my weekend. He's really very funny. Anyway, onto my upcoming projects and some exciting news.

In a previous post I mentioned that I tried out the HQ Sweet Sixteen and fell in love. Well... I couldn't believe how hard I fell. I was having dreams about sitting there quilting with it. So I called my local sew and vac, who told me about their special show pricing for the Babylock Tiara, which I also tried (from what I understand, the Babylock is just a private label of the HQ SS).  Anyway, I must be crazy because I put a deposit on the machine, and will be picking one up as soon as it arrives at the store. It was a pretty sweet deal, and I just couldn't pass it up.

So with that news here are some UFOs and upcoming projects that I need to get moving on.

  • Finish the quilt top for the Beginners Quilt Along quilt- I hope to donate this one to charity once its completed.
  • Make a paper dolls quilt from the fabric I purchased at the show. I actually bought more of this fabric, so if it turns out, I plan to make another one for Diva's school auction.
  • I also recently bought some Thomas Kinkade fabric featuring Snow White. It is the fabric that made me start quilting, though I never actually bought it. I'll be doing something special with it for sure.

Also, I have been volunteered to be a quilter for the school quilt that gets auctioned off every year at Diva's school. I've seen this thing go for over $30k some years, and most years it gets donated back to be hung in the school halls. I am so excited that I'll get to be a part of it. Once I get some more information on the theme and what my part will be, exactly, I'll fill you all in. Here is a picture of last year's quilt.

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