Sunday, August 19, 2012

My new friend, Betsy

So yesterday I do what I always do at least once a week. I checked my local craigslist for anything quilting related.. and something just a few towns over caught my eye. There was a garage sale that had a Grace frame for sale. I've been thinking about getting some sort of machine quilting frame for a while so I jumped into my car and headed off. When I got there I discovered that the Grace frame mentioned in the ad was for hand sewing and I was sorely disappointed... until I saw this beauty. It is a 99k13 Singer vintage sewing machine from 1928. Now, I realize these are no big deal. I mean, its not a Featherweight or anything. But just look at her. She is so pretty. And she purrrrrrrrs. I had to have her. So after a quick test to make sure she did in fact work, I loaded her up in my car and brought her home. Being relatively new to this whole sewing and quilting world I've never used a vintage machine. But I keep hearing such wonderful things...

Unfortunately, Betsy here (didn't I mention that I named her Betsy?) is missing her accessories. She came with her cord, her lid and key, her knee lever, a needle, a foot, and a really really old tube of lube. I know she originally had a number of other accessories so now I'm on the hunt to find them. If anyone can give me a lead that would be great!

Anyway, here are some more photos of Betsy. Apparently she was a floor sample. I wish I knew where! Once I have a chance to try her out I will let you know how it went.

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  1. What a find.
    Even as an ornament, I would love an old Singer.
    I am the person below you in the Blog Hop link up. So glad that I got to see your treasure.

  2. Ooh gorgeous old sewing machine! What a treasure!

  3. |This sewing machine is beautiful :)

  4. I have an old black Singer (two, actually), though not as old as yours. I think it's possible that if you can find accessories for another Singer, they may fit Grace. I often see Singer boxes with accessories at thrift stores in our area. The only thing to notice is whether the accessories were made for a straight needle or an slant needle machine. I hope you have lots of fun with Grace. My Singers are the only machines I have and I couldn't do without them!

  5. She's gorgeous! Looks just like Mom's machine that I first learned to sew on.


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