Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Forget Seesaw, I'm Playing Catch-Up!

Well, it has definitely been a while. I thought I was falling behind before, but this time I was really behind. I've been so busy with a new baby, toddler, and husband that I haven't had time for much else. But between last night and early this morning I think I have managed to catch up... and I'm even having my entire family over for dinner tonight too. Sometimes I think having company come over gives you just the right kick in the pants to get you going again. Well, that, and thinking you are a day further behind than you actually are.

All day yesterday, I thought it was Wednesday-- clearly the lack of sleep is catching up to me-- so after Little Loo and Diva went to bed I scrambled to finish my blocks... that's right I said blocks. Don't judge. I never finished my block from last week and I needed to do my block for this week. Well, here they are.

Block 8, Play on the Seesaw

Block 9, Meet Me at the Fair

I can't believe that there are only 4 blocks left in the quilt along before assembling and finishing the quilt. It went by so fast, and I learned a good amount. I'm not totally happy with my fabric selection at this point... there just wasn't enough color range in it, but all in all I think it will look ok. I am thinking about donating this quilt to Quilts for Kids. It is an organization that distributes quilts to children with life-threatening illnesses or to those children who have been abused. One of the great things about this organization is that you can request a quilt kit, with fabric to make a quilt (you just supply the batting). After finishing the quilt (you have 4-6 weeks to do it) you mail it back along with one of your own to donate. Its great for me because I am really enjoying making the quilts, but don't really know what to do with them. This way I get the fabric and everything, and kids will benefit too! I'm not in any shape to start on now, but once I have some time its high on my list.

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