Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh man. Talk about neglect. I keep saying to myself, I have soooo much to write about, but I just don't seen to have the time. Tonight Hurricane Sandy is on her way and we are trying to prepare for what could be days without power. Fortunately we have a generator so we'll be good, but we may be housing family and friends who don't which always makes for some added stress. Not to mention that some of the surrounding towns have already cancelled Halloween! Ugh. The thought of another postponed Halloween makes me want to cry considering the work I put into the costumes this year. More on that on Wednesday, Oct. 31, when I post the photos.

Also, I recently got my Babylock Tiara which just makes me giggle to think about. Between getting the machine and realizing that I need to make my sewing area safer now that I will have a crawler within the next couple of months I have redone my "sewing room." I plan to have a reveal on my Let's Get Acquainted blog hop stop on Nov. 12. Before and after photos will be included, so please stop by. I'm even planning on throwing in a giveaway if I can get to the store in time!

And in the Halloween spirit, I thought I would include a photo of this fruit platter I did for my nephew's birthday party this past weekend. It must have been really scary, because no one even touched it!

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